Children’s Baptism @LBBC

Steps to Follow for Children’s Baptism:

1. If your child has expressed a desire to accept Christ into his/her heart or has already done so, please let the church know by having your child come forward on a Sunday morning during the invitation time of our Worship Service.

2. There is a required Baptism Class that each child along with at least one parent must attend. These classes are held twice a month on the Second and Fourth Sunday of each month at 10:00am in room C206. Please choose which week you will attend class with your child. Upon completion of the baptism class you will then choose a date for your child to be Baptized.

3. Baptism takes place on the First and Third Sunday of each month during the 10:00am Worship Service, again please choose your date after your child has attended the class.

4. On the Sunday of Baptism please come with your child to the Bridal Suite, located next to the Bookstore, at 9:30am to meet the Baptizing Pastor and others being baptized on this day. The Baptizing Pastor will go over any last minute instructions, you and your child will then be guided to the area where your child will change and prepare to be baptized.

5. Please RSVP the date you and your child will be attending the Baptismal Class to Audrey at 486-7900 ext.46.

6. The class takes place every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

If you have further questions and or concerns please feel free to contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Joy Hawkins, at 486-7900 or


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