2 Year Old Program

London Bridge Baptist Preschool
2 Year Old Program

In the 2 year old program, days are full of educational play and learning. The children enter the classroom and are each greeted by name. Each child has their own hook with their name beside it to hang their backpack on. This will help the children learn to recognize their names.

Christian Education: As Christian teachers, the goal is to effectively communicate God’s love for each child. Each week, we read Bible stories to the children. The Bible curriculum, entitled Scripture Bites, is designed with preschoolers in mind. We are always looking for opportunities to tell the children about God’s beautiful world and all the wonderful things He has given us. We strive to show each child how special they are! God loves them and so do we!

We stress four skill areas: visual, auditory, tactile, motor and social. In play, as in all things, children learn by doing.

1. Visual skills: This is the ability to recognize basic colors, shapes and sizes. Looking at books, stacking blocks and ordering by size all help to sharpen these skills.

2. Auditory / Oral skills: This is the ability to complete sentences, follow directions, and perform simple recall. The repetition of finger plays and songs are used to develop these skills.

3. Tactile skills: This is the ability to identify textures (hard, soft, rough, smooth), temperatures (hot and cold), and group objects according to size, color and shape.

4. Motor skills: Large motor skills are developed through the PE class. Marching, running, jumping, and crawling are fun PE activities. The PE teacher schedules time for us each day outside or in the gym depending on the weather. In the classroom, putting puzzles together, painting, cutting, gluing and coloring are activities that also enhance these skills.

Science: One month is designated as Science and Weather month! Students do simple science experiments in the classroom throughout the month. Each class has a Science Fair display that parents are invited to visit. During the year, weather, plants, and insects are studied. Nature lessons are always fun.

Music: There is a twenty-minute music class each week with the music teacher. The program is designed to help the child experience the joy of music through participation and to motivate a creative and imaginative response to music through singing, rhythms, and listening experiences. The Christmas and Easter programs are favorite events. Music is also a part of various classroom activities throughout the week.

Art: Art class is enjoyed by all! Once a week, we visit the art teacher to produce a masterpiece. The curriculum, “Arts Attack” (Arts in Action), teaches the elements and principles of art and drawing in a developmental and sequential way. Each child has the opportunity to be “Artist of the Week”. There is also a school-wide art show in the spring.

Children have scheduled bathroom times each day.

Individual photos are taken in the fall and in the spring. Class pictures are taken in the spring.

Children are learning to be independent, to share, to take turns, and to be good listeners. In many ways, we are learning cooperation! 2 year olds are busy learners. Even though it might look like play and feel like play, it is an educational experience.


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