Kindergarten Program

London Bridge Baptist Preschool

Kindergarten Program

At London Bridge Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten, we view education as a parent-teacher partnership. The teachers welcome any input you may have to share. Our goal is to provide experiences that will satisfy the needs of each child. We encourage each child to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. By May, children will have covered all Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLS) that have been established.

Christian Education: The Bible curriculum is entitled Biblical Choices. There is a Bible lesson each day to provide the child an opportunity to hear about God’s love. In addition to helping each child feel secure in God’s love, we encourage the child to develop a habit of being thankful for the things enjoyed in life. We strive to increase the child’s ability to make choices between right and wrong.  Once a week, they attend chapel in the Worship Center. Chapel lessons consist of object lessons, songs, puppets, skits, and multi-media presentations.

Language Arts: The kindergarten uses both the Saxon Phonics and Spelling Kindergarten  curriculum. This program correlate instruction for phonics, reading, writing and spelling in one unified approach.  With a variety of child-friendly material to use, our students will find that learning is fun.  Our curriculum encourages children to develop a love for reading by incorporating literature from esteemed childrens’ authors.

Science and Social Studies: Science and Social Studies lessons are integrated throughout the curriculum on a daily basis. Some lessons are an extension of the Biblical Choices curriculum, while others relate to the language arts study. One month is designated as Science and Weather month! Students do simple science experiments in the classroom throughout the month. This study culminates in a school-wide Science Fair that parents are invited to attend.  During the year, weather, plants, and insects are studied.

Mathematics: The Kindergarten Math program combines the “hands on” approach to learning from theSaxon Math curriculum with many traditional “pencil and paper” activities. The children have a wide assortment of manipulatives and games to reinforce the concepts we are teaching. We cover sorting, classifying, patterns, counting to 100 by 1′s, 5′s and 10′s and counting backward. We also introduce addition, subtraction, measurement, and telling time. Identifying currency and counting money is also a part of the Kindergarten year.

Homework: Homework is given two or three times per week.  Homework is used to reinforce concepts introduced at school. At other times, children may be asked to bring in something special for a class project or to complete larger assignments, such as a book report.  Children will be asked to memorize a weekly Bible verse.

Report Cards: Report cards are sent home four times a year; November, January, March and May.  During the first grading period, all parents will be asked to attend a parent-teacher conference. Throughout the rest of the year, parents may request an appointment with the teacher if concerns arise.

Computer Education: Each kindergarten class has a computer. These are used to reinforce math and language arts concepts and to familiarize the student with the computer and its’ functions.

Field Trips: Field trips are scheduled throughout the school year. These trips are taken to enhance the curriculum children are studying at a given time. This is a great opportunity for hands-on learning!

Parent-Teacher Communication: You will receive a monthly calendar and communications as-needed to inform you about classroom and school-wide activities. We encourage parents to become involved at LBBP. Parent volunteers are always appreciated during parties and field trips.  Working together, parents and teachers can achieve more!

Thank you for considering London Bridge Baptist Preschool for your child’s kindergarten experience! And remember the Director’s door is always open.


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