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A motorcycle ministry that is passionate about sharing Christ with the


Faith Riders is a unique Christian ministry based in local churches. This allows for us to come together on a weekly basis to encourage one another and be involved in Bible study. London Bridge hosts their very own group.

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As we worship and grow together, it prepares us for our ultimate mission, which is to take the love of Christ to the world. Each chapter has different ways to minister to people.

-Weekly Bible Studies

-Monthly Christian Bike Nights

-Service Projects

-Bike Festivals

-Mission Trips

-Bike Safety Courses

As Christian motorcyclists, we have the privilege and opportunity to share the joy of the Lord with other motorcycle enthusiasts who may not fell comfortable to venture into the traditional church environment. We want everyone to know that God can and will use them if they will allow Him to.

Visit our LB Faith Riders page above or contact Pat Ashley here to find out more details.

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