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Current Job Openings

Are you seeking a meaningful opportunity to work in ministry alongside fellow believers in Christ? Explore the exciting roles available below.

Coffee Shop Manager



Primary Reporting Relationship: Women's Ministry & Connections Director

The coffee shop manager is an organized professional who oversees the daily operations of the Bridge Cafe within London Bridge Church. From coordinating staff schedules to ensuring the quality of brewed beverages, the coffee shop manager navigates the fast-paced environment with efficiency and a keen eye for detail.


  • Manage day to day operations of the cafe.

  • Recruit and train new staff and baristas.

  • Maintain monthly revenues and expenses.

  • Prepare yearly budget.

  • Order and stock inventory/supplies.

  • Create and prepare seasonal menus.

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of Square is a plus.

  • Team player and vision focused.

  • Ability to work under pressure.

  • Ability to manage and train volunteers.

  • Management skills are a must.

Classification: Part time. Schedule TBD.

There are no other openings at this time.

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